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Gamineazy, the next gen Gaming store, at the Sigma Mall, Cunningham Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore, Bengaluru. The Gamineazy store at Sigma Mall provides a range of gaming experiences - Motion gaming, Regular gaming, Racing cockpit, Band/Guitar Hero system with Karaoke and an enhanced version of its Gaming theater setup, featuring both a PS3 (with Playstation Move) and an Xbox (with Kinect) system.

The store will also have a dedicated Retail section with a wide range of gaming merchandise... and G.E.T.S., Gamineazy's popular Game-Trading platform.

About Gamineazy

Gamineazy was established in 2011 with the vision "to make world-class, high-quality video-game entertainment easily accessible and affordable by the Indian masses."

There are wonderful worlds of entertainment and sensory experiences just waiting to be explored. It is the earnest endeavour of the Gamineazy team to raise awareness about them and bring them closer to audiences, some of whom may be intimidated by all the technology or the age-old notion that 'Gaming is bad for you'!

Gamineazy Address
Sigma Mall
Cunningham Road Vasanth Nagar
560052 Bangalore / Bengaluru , KA